We play for the environment, well-being and inclusiveness


The location of the Abama Tennis Academy was chosen because it meets all the necessary structural characteristics to host an event like the “Tenerife Challenger”. Therefore, it is not necessary to contribute to pollution by building the structures and services necessary for the event, since they already exist. Tenerife Challenger aims to be a sustainable event, collaborating with suppliers that minimize negative impacts on the ecosystem and promote healthy lifestyle habits. In fact, the locations chosen to host the tournament, Abama Tennis, Abama Golf and Las Terrazas de Abama, have been called “Biosphere Committed”.


Tenerife Challenger collaborates with Martínez Cano, a company that collects and recycles waste in the Canary Islands. All spectators, participating players and staff will be involved and encouraged to use appropriate containers for separate waste collection.
These classified waste containers will be placed every 10 meters along the pedestrian path and near toilets and restaurants.

Paper material will be reduced to a minimum, from posters to the single ticket that will be online and presented through a smartphone.
Reusable water bottles (eco-sustainable merchandising products) will be sold in the Welcome Area.


The event takes place outdoors on concrete tennis courts. This allows zero use of water resources. The only resources used are those of the toilets.
Tournament staff will be provided with reusable water bottles. Players will receive limited water bottles, which will be 100% recycled. To avoid wasting water.


The Tenerife Challenger will take place entirely during the day, as will the assembly and disassembly phases. For long matches, LED lights have been installed on the courts to be able to finish the match with the lowest electricity consumption.


Abama Tennis Academy is located in a location that is easily accessible by public transport.
There is a comfortable and safe walking path to reach the event location.
Abama is also a place accessible to everyone. Spectators with reduced mobility will be able to access all event spaces.

Private mass transportation services will be established for all event participants through buses that will transport players, staff, coaches and guests from major hotels to the event venue.


Children from the tennis schools of all the clubs in the Canary Islands will be invited to participate in the “Champions for a day” initiative. Children will have free access to the event, will participate in autograph sessions and training with professional tennis players. Children will be able to meet internationally renowned tennis players in person and will be able to experience the key values of professional sport, sacrifice, dedication, dreams.


Thanks to the collaboration with IODA Tenerife, children who participate in the Kids Days will be able to try wheelchair tennis. A unique experience that allows children to learn how, even in the most difficult situations, they can face life with determination and joy. The children will experience first-hand the difficulty of playing sports in a wheelchair, activating a process of raising awareness on the issue of inclusion and solidarity.